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A Things Inspired Theme for Drafts


Drafts recently introduced custom themes, so I thought I’d have a go at creating one myself. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of my task manager Things, so I’ve tried to emulate its dark mode colour scheme as closely as possible.1

If you’re interested in learning more about making Themes for Drafts, I can recommend Tim Nahumck’s blog post on the topic. Following his example, I also made use of Jayson and Pastel to help with the process. He was also on the most recent episode of the Automators podcast speaking about the recent updates to Drafts, so that’s worth checking out too. Towards the end of the process of making my themes, Agile Tortoise released the Theme Builder, so I was able to use that to do some further tweaking. Finally, there’s the documentation on the Drafts website which goes into the nitty gritty.

You can download my Things Dark theme from the Drafts Directory.

Update 2021-04-25: I’ve added a few more variations of this theme to the directory. There’s now a light version, which several people requested. I also made what I’m calling monospace versions, in both light and dark. In the original version, I wanted to make the Drafts editor look as much like Things as possible, with very large headings, and large subheadings – and that looks great with the system font. But I use a monospace font2 in Drafts, and personally I think it looks better in that case to have a consistent font size.

  1. I used the eyedropper tool in the new iPadOS 14 colour picker to sample many of the colours directly. 

  2. SF Mono